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Acquerello Organic Carnaroli Rice

Acquerello Carnaroli Rice is grown, aged and packed in the Rondolino family's farm, in Italy since 1935.
Acquerello Carnaroli is regarded as the best rice in the world and it is the first choice of the chefs and gourmet lovers.

Three key points to perfection make this rice the most unique in the world.
Firstly the unhusked rough rice is aged for at least one year, then whitened slowly using an exclusive method, and finally restored with its precious germ by their patented process.

This process renders the starch, proteins and vitamins less soluble in water and the final result is a harder grain with a firmer texture, that suits perfectly to every dish.

Make your lunch special by serving Acquerello rice with delicious seasonal ingredients!

Acquerello Aged Rice

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