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The quintessential taste of Naples

Casa Barone
is the biggest organic farm in the National Park of Vesuvius, Naples, Italy. The organic farm is located at the foot of Monte Somma, volcano from which has been formed, by eruptions, the cone of Vesuvius.

The mineral-rich soil at the mountains's foot combined with the sunny Campanian climate creates the ideal terroir for the most flavoursome tomatoes, fruits and grapes.

The productions of Casa Barone: the piennolo cherry tomato PDO from Vesuvius, a Slow Food Presidium, which is very particular not only for its typical bitter-sweet taste, but also for its characteristic to be preserved, braided in piennoli, even after the harvest in July and until the depths of winter; jams and marmelades, which maintain all the flavors and tastes of the raw materials, thanks to the handcrafted work; Catalanesca wine from local Vesuvian vineyards.

Almost all of their productions have the peculiarity to enhance ancient customs and farmland preservation techniques: starting from the cherry tomato, in piennoli and in preserve, the sorbs which are weaved in bunches and once ripened they give off an extraordinary sweetness, to the grape for Catalanesca, which is preserved on the plants until Christmas.

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