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Castellino - kg 0.366 ca

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Castellino - kg 0.366 ca
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Raw milk small caciotta, with washed rind
(*) Approx. Weight: kg 0.3660


Raw materials
Raw cow's milk, collected on the Alpine foothills of Treviso and Belluno area. The milk is left to acidulate for 24 hours in an ambient temperature before the processing
Shape & texture
Small caciotta with a thin rind, moist during the winter months, drier in the summer. The color of the crust is orange-yellow in colour. The paste is compact and slightly crumbly and its color is white
Tasting notes
The taste is long, slightly lemony, dolce and milky. The aftertaste is long, crumbly with hints of fresh milk and wood cellar
At least 60 days
Curious to know
The Castellino belongs to the family of the Formaggio Medievale, a fimily consisting of two more cheeses, the Castel and the Caciotta Castellina. It is a free interpretation of how cheese was made in the middle ages
Serving suggestions
Delicious with honey, nut bread and wine jelly. Perfect with a creamy polenta mixed with chestnut honey

(*) Average weight: kg 0.366
Ingredients and Nutrition Declaration

Additional Information

SKU 30652
Average weight 0.3660
Ingredients MILK, rennet, salt
Nutrition Declaration Energy: 1725 kJ / 416 kcal
Fat: 35 g
of which saturates: 23,8 g
Carbohydrate: 1,1 g
of which sugar: 0 g
Protein: 24,2 g
Salt: 1,7 g
Typical value per 100 g
Country of Origin Italy
Region Veneto
Producer Latteria Perenzin - San Pietro di Feletto (TV)
Type of Milk Cow's milk
Heat-treatment of milk Raw milk
Packaging Wrapped with film and old fashioned paper
Storage conditions (unpacked products) -
Storage conditions (packaged products) Keep refrigerated between 0 and +4 °C
Instructions for use -
Best before 60