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Colatura di Alici di Cetara

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Colatura di Alici di Cetara
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Traditional sauce produced in Cetara with anchovies fished in the Gulf of Salern
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Raw materials
Traditional sauce produced in Cetara with anchovies fished in the gulf of Salerno between Amalfi and Capri
Shape & texture
It is a transparent liquid sauce of amber color, dark and brilliant
Tasting notes
Sapid but balanced, the palate gives a sense of warmth that enriches the dish; the scent given to the sliced salty and mature anchovies gives the dishes a remarkable note of flavor, considered by the gourmet the fifth essence of taste, umami
Curious to know
Cetara anchovy sauce is a traditional Campanian product, produced in the small seaside village of Cetara, on the Amalfi Coast. The origins of this gourmet product date back to the Romans, which produced a sauce very similar to today's one, called garum. The recipe was then somehow recovered in the Middle Ages by the monastic groups present in the Coast, who in August were used to keep the anchovies in wooden barrels with sloping slats and placed in the middle of two oak beams; under the action of the salt, the anchovies lost liquids that escaped through the cracks of the barrels. The process spread later among the population of the coast, which perfected it
Serving suggestions
The famous anchovy sauce Spaghetti are a dish that is prepared in a short time. Cook the spaghetti in abundant unleavened water. Dissolve in a good extra virgin olive oil one teaspoon of sauce (per person) with the addition of a clove of garlic, a fresh chili and a little bit of cooking water. Add the cooked spaghetti and mix it all raw. Curing can be used instead of the common salt to flavor pasta, fish, vegetables and legumes. It is typically used in the preparation of spaghetti to anchovies sauce, but is also delicious in soups, potatoes and boiled vegetables, risotto and boiled rice, for pickling of meat and fish, simply on bread and even in some preparations of desserts

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Additional Information

SKU 94001
Average weight 0.1000
Ingredients anchovy, sea salt
Nutrition Declaration No
Country of Origin Italy
Region Campania
Producer Acquapazza Gourmet - Cetara (SA)
Type of Seafood No
Place of Origin -
Packaging Confezionata in bottiglia di vetro
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Instructions for use -
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