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Matthias Müller is a German master brewer who transferred to Italy. He is an advocate of the German “Reinheitsgebot”, the Purity Law dating from 1516 that protects the beer´s equilibrium regarding structure and taste that should be based only on malt, hop, water and yeast. Respecting this he is looking for new beer-interpretations that accompany and praise this purity even beyond the borders of Germany.

The gentleness and relaxed nature of his personality are being reflected in his beers: no dramatic flavoring or dramatic tones of hop or malt that sometimes can be surprising but at the same time risk to be tiring very soon. His beers have the charateristics of being in fact very pleasant, light and digestible.

Le Birre di Matthias Muller

Matthias has chosen to live in the Italian province of Treviso, being in love with the taste and Italian lifestyle. He teaches technology of beer-brewing all over the world on request. This is how he collects tastes and atmosphere wherever he goes and they become a fountain of inspiration for his own beer creations.

All beer types are realized without preservatives, stabilizers, colorants, additional flavours or chemicals and therefore they receive special sensorial characteristics that make every single type of beer absolutely unique.

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