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Figuli crackers were born in the Restaurant Albertini own by the family Albertini itself, in the province of Treviso. Quality, lightness, flavor: this is the philosophy of the Albertini family since 1954.

Figurli snack crackers are artisanally-made with carefully selected ingredients, such as: the finest Italian flour, extra virgin olive oil Italiano, and sea salt of Cervia.
The result is a crunchy snacks for the appetizer, to create finger food, and to accompany cheeses, meat and sauces.
In the assortiment you will find also the sweet version of Figuli; they are great with ice cream, jams and creams. Figuli products are also excellent for any gourmet tasting, not only wine tasting...
Light, savory and elegant! In Italy this is the first choice for parties, lunches, or gourmet tasting. There is nothing like it!

Below you'll find delicious finger food ideas for lunch, dinner or cocktail party. So you can host an Italian Cocktail Party like a Professional!

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Nice in a Bread BasketTempting with Cheeses
Snack salati Figulì Pasta con pesto di rucola
Delicicous with SalamiSurprising with  Vegetables in oil
Pic Nic Muffin salati Pasta con pesto di rucola
Delicate when paired with fishUnusual with sauces, even sweet
Pic Nic Muffin salati Pasta con pesto di rucola