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Graukase Formaggio Grigio - su prenotazione - kg 1.340 ca

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Graukase Formaggio Grigio - su prenotazione - kg 1.340 ca
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Low milk fat cheese from Alto Adige
(*) Approx. Weight: kg 1.3400


Raw materials
Skimmed milk
Shape & texture
No rind, the paste is straw coloured, soft and grainy.
Tasting notes
Acid with animal aromas
Curious to know
The milk is coagulated by acidification and not with added rennet. The aging is from the outside to the inside, the paste on the outside is usually dry and on the inside, when mature it is greasy with grains of ricotta not completely aged. Today it is kept in clean places under vacuum, but in the past it was kept together with other dairy products and so produced a grey green mould on the rind and inside, thus it's name.
Serving suggestions
A bit dry on the palate, so it is better to season it with oil and vinegar, aromatic herbs, salt and pepper, Don't forget the onion.

(*) Average weight: kg 1.340
Ingredients and Nutrition Declaration

Additional Information

SKU 31185
Average weight 1.3400
Ingredients Skimmed milk, lactic ferments, salt, rennet, pepper
Nutrition Declaration Energy: 547 kJ / 129 kcal
Fat: 1 g
of which saturates: 0,6 g
Carbohydrate: 0,1 g
of which sugar: 0,1 g
Protein: 30 g
Salt: 2 g
Typical value per 100 g
Country of Origin Italy
Region Trentino Alto Adige
Producer Latteria Tre Cime - Dobbiaco (BZ)
Type of Milk Cow's milk
Heat-treatment of milk Pasteurized milk
Packaging -
Storage conditions (unpacked products) ---Refrigerate at 0 +4 °C
Storage conditions (packaged products) -
Instructions for use -
Best before 30