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Pastry shop Mattei Deseo

In 1858 Antonio Mattei opened his pastry shop in Prato for the production and sale of the typical almond “Biscotti di Prato”. 

This historic biscuit factory kept its founder name and since the beginning of the twentieth century has been run by the Pandolfini family, now in its third generation. 

  • Letizia, Elisabetta, Marcella e Francesco
  • Rivisitazione Cantucci Deseo
  • Cantucci Mattei
  • Crunch Limone


If  the tradition of ancient recipes is on the scene at the pastry shop Mattei, Deseo opened in 2001, is the pastry maker’s workroom for creative experimentations. Every year there are new combinations, new packaging… always interpreting the old family tradition in their own original way. 

Today the company is run by Marcella, Elisabetta, Francesco and Letizia, the third generation of Pandolfini family, and they keep producing the traditional Mattei biscuits, such as Cantucci with dark chocolate and Biscotti della Salute. They also pursue the innovation with Deseo, producing original biscuits such as Cantucci, Frolla Ricca, sweet biscuits with olive oil … 


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