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is the most authentic Italian food store online.

We search for, select and distribut the finest Italian cheeses, Charcuterie, Seafood, Pasta, Condiments, Pairings, Sweets, Coffee & Tea, Wine & Spirits, and many other food & beverage specialities.
To those ones that look for authencity through tradition and quality we offer a thick catalogue.

Now, we are proud to add a selection of amazing recipes from "la cucina della nonna". You will find traditional regional food recipes, dinner ideas, easy Italian menu for parties and a full presentation of the best Italian flavours.

All represent the True Italian Taste.
Buon Appetito

Formaggi, Italian cheeses..

In our showcase you will find the most famous Italian cheeses (formaggi). A carefully selection of gourmet cheeses that can be served at so many occasions: at lunch, as an aperitif, after dinner or as a snack...

Italian Cured Meats, Salumi

 Salumi is a symbol of the culinary excellence of Made in Italy.  The Italian "know how" is worldwide level recognized and Italians are very proud for their wide array of cured meats. Shop now the premium quality Italian cured meats...  

Pasta Collection
Acquerello Carnaroli Rice

Pasta developed into one of the most distinctive symbols of Italian culture. There is a consistent number of scientific evidence for the healthfulness of pasta and the pasta meal. We present our pasta..

Acquerello Carnaroli Rice is grown in Italy since 1935. Acquerello Carnaroli is regarded as the best rice in the world and it is the first choice of the chefs and gourmet lovers.. 

32 an Italian Stylish Beer
Ursini Food Specialities

32 Via dei Birrai is a new brewmaker style, represents a new language, it resets and redefines the usual. Give a touch of originality and elegance to your lunch adding the 32 beer on the table!

The "know how" of the Ursini cuisine is inimitable. Its secrets have not disclosed yet. Exclusively made with fresh ingredients of Mediterranean origin. You will taste an incomparable gourmet dish!

Coffee Break
Tiramisù- Italy's Most Famous Dessert

Selection of Coffee Blends to suit every taste. The best coffee combined with the experience of the noblest Italian traditions . Enjoy a carousel of Italian proposals!  

The authentic recipe of Italy's Most Famous Dessert. Quick and easy to make at home. The perfect recipe to impress your friend, to make happy your kids and surprise you lover. Try it now !

Focaccia Recipe
Ursini Great Oils

Focaccia is one of the most ancient Italy' s breads. Very easy to prepare and does not require any special skills. Round out your recipe box! Buon apetito!

Ursini's work is the expression of a superior extra virgin oil. Here Ursini's oils: variations of extra virgin, citrus flavoured, spice flavoured...

La Vera Pizza Recipe
Recipes with Asiago Cheese

Pizza in the way it should be done... From Italy- the authentic recipe: pizza dough preparation & a collection of the most famous pizza toppings. Enjoy yourself with The true Italian Taste of pizza!

Delicious Italian dishes with different ages of Asiago Cheese. Very quick to prepare in easy steps. Learn from Italians how to do it .. Buon Appetito!

Italian dishes with Ricotta
Pasta Cav. Giuseppe Cocco

This collection of recipes will boost your gourmet cooking: sweet ravioli, Sicilian pesto, tricolour pasta, cheesecake with apricots, pumpkin all' italiana. Buon apetito!

Cav. Giuseppe Cocco is an Italian very known pasta factory for the highest quality of the pasta. To get know and fully appreciate the Cav. Giuseppe Cocco pasta, all you need is to taste it!

Rice Pila Vecia
Pasta Gentile

Pila Vecia Rice is the product line of finest quality produced by the ancient farm rice Ferron, probably the oldest farm rice in Italy. Perfect for salads, fried rice balls, timballi, and of course for risotto, in particular with fish!

Gentile is one of the oldest pasta factories in Gragnano, Italy. The small factory still preserves traditional methods of production used in Gragnano- The City of Pasta . Use pasta Gentile for the best Italian pasta dishes!

Croquettes with Asiago Cheese
Croissant Sandwich

 A delicious Italian dish with different ages of Asiago Cheese. Suitable for any occasion and any taste. Buon Appetito!

Easy recipe with Asiago Cheese, asparagus and speck. Enjoy the true Italian taste!

Dumplings/Gnocchi with Asiago Cheese
Sweet Ravioli with Chocolate

 Potato gnocchi with Asiago cheese is probably one of the most popular Italy's dish. Try it now!

Ravioli with Chocolate & Ricotta. Yummy, Yummy, Yummy ...

Cheesecake with apricots
Pasta with Ricotta & Tomatoes

 Delicious for breakfast or as a dessert. An authentic Italian recipe, very easy to make at home. Enjoy the true Italian taste!

Tricolour pasta with tomatoes, ricotta and fresh basil. A traditional meal that is common throughout Italy. Buon Appetito!

Sicilian Pesto Sauce Recipe
Pumpkin All' Italiana Recipe

 Sicilian Pesto a top sauce for pasta. So easy to make...

Baked Pumpkin with Ricotta- an unusual side dish. From Italy to you, the best recipes!  

Classic Bologna Mortadella
Pancetta, Italian Bacon

Mortadella Bonfatti a delicacy artisanally-made from exclusively from finely ground pork and small cubes of pork fat.

Excellent ingredient in any recipe where the meaty flavour is desired (dishes, soups or to top a delish pizza). Ready to try it?

Grating Cheeses
About Pecorino Cheese...

Discover now the best Italian cheeses that are used for grating. It's great to grate!

Italy is the country of Pecorino, through the country many different Pecorino are produced. Discover Italy's authentic flavors

Best Sellers 2013
Italian Style Craft Beers

Our amazing customers love our amazing food. This is a selection of what they enjoyed more in 2013...

The beers of Matthias Müller: Taste without borders. German tecnique- Italian style

Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe
Baked Pasta Recipe

A traditional recipe from Rome: Spaghetti Cheese and Pepper. As easy as tasty..

Wondering how to cook a Baked Pasta? Here is the authentic Italian recipe with a gourmet touch

Once upon a time the pasta..
World's oldest soft cheese

Morelli pasta factory produces pasta with Wheat Germ, a kind of pasta unique in its gender...

Have you tried our Taleggio yet? ..A deliciousness made for centuries, with a creamy paste and sweet taste. We can't get enough of this!

'Nduja: an unconventional sausage
Petra Flour: the best quality Italian flour

Wondering how to cook with 'Nduja? Do like Italians do! Here are 6 recipes the whole family will love.

For every gourme lover & chef. Purchase now the best quality Italian flour and create your recipe!

The most treasured food of Alto Adige
A taste trip in Emilia Romagna

Speck, a deli smoked to perfection that doesn't require any type of cooking.. Buon appetito!

If you want to taste Italy's best food, you must to direct yourself to Emilia Romagna for its refined flavours.

How to make a great risotto...
How best to eat mozzarella...

You don't have to be Italian to make a great risotto! Get the authentic risotto recipes here...

Try four authentic recipes with mozzarella from the Italian cuisine. These are actually really easy to prepare and they are delicious.

Gorgonzola: Italian blue cheese
Figuli crackers: finger food at its best

Gorgonzola can be served in many delicious ways. Try them out for yourself and find your own favorites!

Light, savory and elegant! In Italy this is the first choice for parties, lunches, or gourmet tasting. There is nothing like it! Discover now!

Do you have a restaurant, manage a food store or a hotel?
Salumificio dei Castelli

Amazing Food is unique in offering you Italian gourmet food and expert advice. Let us to make you in love with our amazing food all over again!

Salumificio dei Castelli is one of our great partners, a producer of typical cured meats of the Venetian tradition. Read more about their secrets...

The quintessential taste of Naples
The delightful fragrances of Scyavuru

Casa Barone is the biggest organic farm in the National Park of Vesuvius, Naples, Italy. You'll love Casa Barone's iconic products!

The delightful fragrances of Scyavuru: jams, jellies and marmalades among which the Ribera Strawberry Jam and Sciacca Slow Food Presidium

Gourmet Cookies from Bettina Pastry
Exquisitely Tasty Ragù Recipes

The sweet and savory biscuits of Bettina are good and healthy, original, captivating, and really engaging ... Just one bite to fall in love!

This gama of ragù sauces includes specialities like: Venison Ragù, Hare Ragù, Wild Boar Ragù, Pheasant Ragù, Duck Ragù and Goose Ragù. Rich in flavour, very tasty and completely natural. There is nothing like it!

Santoro: salami producer par Excellence
The Sun-dried vegetables of Salento

Salumificio Santoro is one of the 10 artisans that produces the most authentic pieces of Charcuterie from Apulia: Capocollo di Martina Franca.

"I Contandini" is probably the most authentic farm located in Salento. Since generations, they have been producing a range of excellent vegetables, characterised by genuine taste and flavours.

Borgoluce: A land worth tasting
The authentic Carnaroli rice

At Borgoluce are produced a wide range of iconic products like: Mozzarella di Buffalo, Ricotta, Yogurts, and other specialities, all totally natural and handcrafted using only Buffalo milk

There are different varieties of rice which are commercially denominated Carnaroli, but within Riserva San Massimo is produced only the authentic one, Carnaroli

Fruit delights from Dolomites
Strictly organic ancient tastes and flavors

Preserves made from pure natural ingredients, and produced in exquisite varieties. This fruit delights give back all the taste of handmade.

Exclusive organic products that rediscover flavors of the seasonal fruits and vegetables, delight your palate with curious, perhaps risky but well done combinations

Italian artisan chocolate
Naturalia, Italian Carnaroli rice
Italian chocolate

Gardini brothers produce chocolate throught traditional methods. They won the award "Best Chocolate with Salt" in 2012, thanks to the union of chocolate and sweet Sea Salt of Cervia.

Italian Carnaroli rice

Naturalia is a small farm where is cultivated only natural and high quality rice. The company produces some varieties of Rice with flowers and the Black Rice, full of iron, selenium and natural fibres.

Extra virgin olive oil and excellent snacks with Casa Crudo
Il Fiorino cheese factory
Extra virgin olive oil and snacks

Casa Crudo with its passion for well-done thing, uses only italian olives to produce extra virgin olive oil and healthy snacks. Find all the benefits of olives in excellent finger foods.

italian cheese

Il Fiorino produces high quality cheeses like the Pecorino, an Italian hard cheese with a long, sweet and creamy aftertaste. The factory cheese offers different types of delicious italian products. 

Pacari: raw and organic chocolate
Pastry shop Mattei Deseo
organic chocolate

Pacari produces organic and biodynamic chocolate. The bars contain all the cocoa benefits thanks to the artisan production method and the use of the best world raw materials.

italian pastry shop

Almond biscuits and other tuscany artisanal products based on the tradition of ancient recipes.  Cookies, Shortbreads and other italian biscuits interpreted by Deseo with new combinations of ingredients.

Dairy Perenzin
italian cheese

Italian soft and hard cheeses, like ricotta and goat cheese. The dairy also produces an organic line with strong enthusiasm and a deep knowledge.

easy-to-make receipts

Easy chocolate chip cookies, muffin and other baking recipes. Italian, American and English biscuits with well-selected ingredients inside a Wreack vase that will stimulate your creativity.