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Pasta Gentile IGP from "The City of Pasta"



Gentile is one of the oldest pasta factories in Gragnano, Italy. In 16th century, 130 factories were founded in Gragnano, and many still exist today, such as Pastificio Gentile. Pasta Gentile is IGP certified for its provenience.

The Pasta Gentile IGP by ancient tradition, still today in the world of advanced tehnology preserves traditional methods of production used in Gragnano- The City of Pasta. In the small factory, pasta is manufactured using Italian Semolina enhanced by the ancient and unique drying method called Cirillo. The combination of natural drying method and the high quality of durum wheat enhances the aroma, flavour and tenacity of the pasta in its individual formats, making it unique of its kind.

Use pasta Gentile for the best Italian pasta dishes!


Pasta Gentile

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