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About Pecorino cheese...

Italy is the country of Pecorino, through the country many different Pecorino are produced. Some strong in flavor and some others delicate.

Our food store provides the deepest selection of Pecorino. Some of them are hard, salty cheese made exclusively from sheep's milk, like  Pecorino Romano and Formaggio di Fossa... As these cheeses age, they become saltier and harder, with a crumbly texture, more complex in flavor. Some others are more delicate, simply because are shorter-matured, like Brinata del Mugello and Marzolino.

The Italian cheesemongers produce also Pecorino with additional ingredients such as black pepper, or saffron, and matured in walnuts such as Pecorino di Pienza al Pepe, Formaggio allo Zafferano, Pecorino matured in Walnut. All can be found in our gourmet showcase.

Traditionally, Pecorino cheeses is served as its best alone. When long matured Pecorino are used in many recipes where is need to use a cheese grated to add flavor and texture: in soups, salads, pastas or on vegetables or paired with fruits, such as pears. All you need is a little gourmet inspiration...

Pecorino Cheese