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Piccolo Mariech - raw milk cheese - kg 0.563 ca

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Piccolo Mariech - raw milk cheese - kg 0.563 ca
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Square soft cheese produced with milk from Bruna cows
(*) Approx. Weight: kg 0.5630


Raw materials
Raw cow's milk from Bruna race
Shape & texture
The rind is thin and wrinkley and its color is straw yellow.; the texture is soft with few eyes scattered across
Tasting notes
The taste is dolce with hints of cream and grass; the aftertaste is round and buttery
At least 20 days
Curious to know
Italo Curto, the cheesemaker of Azienda Agricola Ponte Vecchio, is one of the founders of the Consortium Disolabruna, an association of producers which promotes the cheeses made with milk from the Bruna cow. Italo works with his son Stefano, managing the Ponte Vecchio farm, from the production of grass and cereals to feed their animals to the cheese-making. They raise their own Bruna cows within their farm and produce an interesting range of cheeses in their own dairy. During the year the company is located in Vidor, at the foots of Prealpi of Treviso area, whereas in summer all the family and the farm move to Malga Mariech, a mountain dairy located at 1500 meters hight on Monte Cesen.

(*) Average weight: kg 0.563
Ingredients and Nutrition Declaration

Additional Information

SKU 30280
Average weight 0.5630
Ingredients Milk, rennet, salt, starter culture
Nutrition Declaration Energy: 1559 kJ / 376 kcal
Fat: 30,83 g
of which saturates: 18,32 g
Carbohydrate: 0,2 g
of which sugar: 0,2 g
Protein: 24,39 g
Salt: 1,45 g
Typical value per 100 g
Country of Origin Italy
Region Veneto
Producer Ponte Vecchio - Vidor (TV)
Type of Milk Cow's milk
Heat-treatment of milk Raw milk
Packaging Open packaging
Storage conditions (unpacked products) Keep refrigerated below +8° C
Storage conditions (packaged products) Keep refrigerated between 0 and + 4 °C
Instructions for use Please remove crust or mold before consumption
Best before 90