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For fresh products we use special packages and cold systems because we belive that correct preservation of the product is the first rule for a sensory experience satisfying and helps to enhance uniqueness and peculiarities of the same.

To ensure the integrity of perishable products, we use an accurate packing:

Polystyrene Thermic Box for food useGreen Ice®

Are thermic box which help to maintain the temperature of the contents, and thus the safety of food.  The container can be used at home to store food from the fridge when you go shopping.

Green Ice ® is  a gel that regulates the internal temperature of the box used for the transport of fresh products. The envelope of Green Ice ® is also used at home for purposes other than food.

Fill-Air®Packing in Carton

We insert the cushions to Fill-Air ® for protection against impact during the trip

We use a solid Carton box for increased resistance to bumps during the trip.

An order of fresh food is packaged soA mixed order of fresh and dried food is packaged so