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Artisanal pasta by Cavalier Cocco

Cav. Giuseppe Cocco is an Italian very known pasta factory for the highest quality of the pasta. They use durum wheat semolina from the Abruzzo region of Italy to make this brilliant pasta

In Abruzzo the best wheat is grown in the mountains, with very low yields per hectar, at about 1000 m altitude.The sources of water from Gran Sasso, that flows from the limestone mountains, rich in mineral salts are then found in the dough.The dry and ventilated climate, allows a perfect drying on wooden beech frames, at constant temperature that do not exceed the 50C.

The use of the original bronze dies generations old, allows together with the other elements to preserve the nutritional value and taste of the pasta,
ensuring that the flavor of the wheat comes through wonderfully in the final dish

To get know and fully appreciate the Cav. Giuseppe Cocco pasta, all you need is to taste it!


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